The nationwide talent hunt is on! Who are the 6 amazing kid actors (and actress) that will be cast to play the parts of Will, Maddy, Henry, Boudreaux, Dale & Robbie?


Will is an adventurous, strong-willed, stubborn and independent kid. He’s a capable outdoorsman and a confident adventurer. After he and his little brother are orphaned, Will is determined to do whatever it takes to keep the two of them together. Self reliant to a fault, Will drives away the thing he needs the most–friendship.


At the beginning of the movie Maddy is a nervous, rule-following, perfectionist. She’s not actually an orphan, she was just abandoned by her mom as an infant. She’s also a bit of an over-achiever, trying to learn piano, latin, etc. to make herself more attractive as a candidate for adoption. But she deals with a deep-seated sense of rejection and a sense that she’ll never measure up. She’s a sweet girl, but trying way too hard to perform all the time. By the end of her harrowing adventure though… well, you’ll just have to wait and see how Maddy changes!


henryIt’s been said that still waters run deep. That’s a good description of Henry. Henry is a strong and quiet African American kid who’s trying to find his place in life after the recent death of his parents. He’s a natural leader and protector, but he’s struggling to find the confidence to stand up and speak up for what he believes is right. And in an unexpected way, he just might be the one who holds the key to finding the treasure.


boudreauxA loyal, fierce and almost fearless dirt-poor Cajun kid who comes from a family that make their living as gator-wrestlers. Why almost fearless? Because while Boudreaux—or Boo as his friends call him—is crazy enough to tangle with just about anything, he has a bigtime fear of alligators and practically jumps out of his skin anytime he sees one!



Dale is an unintentionally funny, hyper, fast-talking, socially awkward kid who just wants to fit in somewhere and find someone he can call a friend. At first he can be annoying to be around (like a caffeinated squirrel!) but after a while, you start to see that he just might be the glue that can hold the group together and keep them on the right track. If anyone would ever actually listen to him, that is…



A button-cute five year old, Robbie is the little brother Will is determined to protect. Robbie is a curious and sensitive kid who likes waffles and playing pirates with his big brother.